Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010 - Water

Today bloggers around the world focus on WATER, as part of Blog Action Day.  This year we focus on the lifeblood of our planet.  We only have this one supply of water you know.  How are we conserving this precious resource?  

  My photographs were taken on my walk this week on the Jemison Trail in Mountain Brook.  Bravo to the Key Club at Mt. Brook High School for their efforts to keep this waterway clean for all of us to enjoy.  For more information about preserving Alabama's waterways, check out the Cahaba River Society's great site.


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

What a quiet little spot along the trail. So glad that you posted the "Adopt-A-Stream" sign indicating the value placed on our waterways by a generation which will be struggling with this resource... perhaps more than we can imagine.

B SQUARED said...

In order to conserve water, I vow to have my evening libation neat! We all do our part!

altadenahiker said...

This one slipped away from me because I didn't know how to blog about water. Y'all are showing me. Gosh, that's pretty.

Virginia said...

Hiker, this is the view I get when I manage to drag my lazy tail out to the trail for my walk. I don't usually take my camera because it's like walking with a rock around my neck. Desperate.

I wholeheartedly agree. IT's the very least we can do.

Your next visit, we'll walk this trail together and talk, talk, talk!

Bob Crowe said...

You know, I half expect to see B’rer Rabbit popping out of the brush and maybe an alligator going in the other direction. This has a very Southern feel.

Daryl said...

Perfect post!