Saturday, June 28, 2008

Red Door

These great red doors are found at Space One Eleven, a community arts organization.  The gallery is located in downtown Birmigham on 2nd Avenue North.


Eki said...

this is a wonderful picute. the color combination and the geometry and symmetry are nice.

greetings from bandung.

Victor said...

Another strong graphic image. Way to go Virginia!

Bob Crowe said...

Thanks so much for your comments today. I'm glad someone else shares the feeling. I'm a lawyer with a very busy practice and somehow I'm still squeezing this in. Makes me wonder about my priorities sometimes.

There are so many CDPBs that it's impossible to keep track and visit many of them. That's one reason why I have thought of giving up - most individual blogs become almost invisible in the forest. I do have some local readership after a year and a quarter so I'm still here for now. It's really good for my photography skills to get out and do the work week after week.

Not surprisingly, I hadn't seen your blog before and I'm very impressed with your work. You have an artist's sense of color, saturation and exposure. Today's picture is wonderful. The composition of space and color really got my eye. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Got to get out and shoot here in a bit.

Jane Hards Photography said...

I came across you because I thought you were Birmingham England, My Old home city. So glad you aren't! This is a brilliant image, the bold red of the door is startling. Will have to peruse further as you are a fellow "all things french lover." There are some wonderful French dailies here which I adore.