Sunday, November 9, 2008

Arrivederci Leonardo! TWO THINGS CHALLENGE- Saturday/Sunday

Independent Presbyterian Church

As many of you already know, our Birmingham Museum of Art has had the privilege of hosting a  very special exhibition of  11 important drawings and the Codex on the Flight of Birds by Leonardo da Vinci.  The very first time this collection has ever left the Biblioteca Reale in Turin made this exhibit a must see.  Today we say,  "Arriverderci Leonardo". He will leave us and go to San Francisco , then home to Turin, Italy.  As is typical for an exhibit of this importance, we have seen a wonderful turnout the entire time, but the last weekend we had visitors willing to stand in line for almost 2 hours to spend a few minutes with the master's work.  I consider myself fortunate to have been able to volunteer my time and actually work inside the exhibit itself.  I never tired of looking at his exquisite drawings.  I am looking forward to seeing  "The Virgin of the Rocks" at the Louvre after gazing at his magnificent sketch of the angel here.  I spent my SATURDAY as the cheerful greeter reassuring all these visitors that the wait really WAS worth it! 

My SUNDAY morning will be spent at my church, Independent Presbyterian Church.  I took this photo the other night and am pretty proud that I captured it without a tripod.  Team Minneapolis, thanks for all your tips and encouragement. Mitch, how are my "skills"! 

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The Tune du Jour is "A Kiss To Build a Dream On" by Rod Stewart


Visitors wait in long lines on Saturday at the Birmingham Museum of Art


Anonymous said...

Virginia, Oh you know I am neither a photographer nor a writer - I just love and appreciate YOUR sharing your skills and I for one know that that is a FABULOUS pic without a tripod! BRAVO to you. One more thing - now that you are on ONE week count down - advice from my dear hubs for your trip - take half the clothes and TWICE the money and you'll have a great time - but I know you're going to have a great time no matter!

Wayne said...

Looks like Dale Chihuly's handiwork in the gallery V. Did we talk about this before? I'm having a feeling of déjà vu.

I often wish I had a tripod when I'm out and about, even though my camera is light, but the one I own is a royal pain to lug around.

Webradio said...

Très agréable post... Bien expliqué, avec bien sûr des photos apprropriées...
Et Rod Stewart !!!

Have a nice day Virginia...

Anonymous said...

Love the doorway photo.

It looks so warm and welcoming.

Unknown said...

The entrance to the church is beautiful and you photo is fantastic! I love the light and the atmosphere.
Speaking of atmosphere what a great capture at the cemetery! The 'silent steps' title says it all!

Virginia said...

That's great advice. I 'll have to find a bank to rob before I leave in that case! HA Half the clothes. That's my mantra, but that's a weakness of mine. The suitcase is smaller this time so I will have to make choices.

PJ said...

Good morning, Virginia. Beautiful capture of your church entrance. I can see the love you have invested in both it and the camera work.

What can I say about Paris? Bon voyage, have a marveilleuse time and bring back lots of memories to share with us.

Janet Kincaid said...

Perfect! The photo of the church door is fabulous! Do share your non-tripod secrets, please. I'm getting tired of being harassed about my tripod.

Bob Crowe said...

This has a warm, inviting look, as if it were a place of refuge in the dark. The church entry seems to be inviting people. Good job on the exposure.

Just FYI, the link to other bloggers' interpretations of the Two Things theme is not working.

Petrea Burchard said...

One week! You have beautiful churches and art in Birmingham. Will you be jaded? Nah. Paris has enough Leonardos and churches to satisfy.

Jane Hards Photography said...

You know my feelings on tripods. Steady hands don't need one. Sheer laziness has honed my skilled with the camera enabling me to leave at tripod at home. I like the side on view. I never shoot straight on,unless work related and I am forced to shoot pedestrian shots. Really does let the trail of light lead you up the steps to the fine looking door.

PS. The exchange rate is quite shocking at the moment re dollar to Euro. Don't jump to soon to exchange. I used to be in Banking many moons ago. Like the photography my bag.

John-Bryan Hopkins said...

My goodness!

The photo behind your title today is just feet away from where I used to live.

I lived in the modern house in the valley on Jemison Trail.


You made my day.

It was wonderful there on the acreage with all the wildlife and the huge owls that nested in the trees there.

marley said...

Without a tripod! Wish my hands were that steady! Nice job :)

Only one week to go!

Marie-Noyale said...

So for you it's a small "A bientot" to are going to see him pretty soon in Paris!!!
Beautiful Enlightened church.
One less thing to put in the suitcase: A tripod!!!

Virginia said...

Actually, I have a little "gorilla pod' mini tripod that is making the trip to Paris. i'm not leaving anything to chance!

Foodie,Just walked by your old house about 15 min. ago. Ever see that big water mocassin? I have nightmares about that one.Eeewww! My fav. place to walk. I crank up my IPOD and go to town. You never told or the real house numbers in Paris? I'll trade for a tour of your gorgeous #11!

B. I'm emailing you about the euro thing. What???YOU in banking??? Bet you set them on their ear!

Thanks guys for you nice comments. I think our church is beautiful as well.

Janet said...

Nice lighting on the church door, Virginia. Glad you could volunteer your time for DaVinci!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

It's sad to leave something we love but... What a wonderful opportunity to see it again in Torino ? ;-)

Steve Buser said...

You are indeed lucky to have the time you did to spend with the work of the great artist, naturalist and scientist. It must have given you great inspiration.

Virginia said...

marie, yes just a week or so and I will be meeting Leonardo once more!

Fabrizio, Next i see him in Paris, and then who knows... TOrino sounds like a wonderful place to visit!!

Steve, yes indeed, an inspiration.

RR, sorry you coulnd't get here to see it. Maybe another time? Would love to roam the city with you.

Marley, I am not steady, just learned a few tricks. Get B. to share with you. She's a pro.

Rob said...

Wish the exhibit made it's way up here. We did see a number of his works in Ufizzi Gallery, Florence.

just like the wolrd is a photographer's playground, the world is your tripod. ;-)

Maya said...

What a gorgeous shot! Great light.

GrandAnglais said...

That's a lovely church entrance, I might do a few postings on churches, I bet you have some nice ones in your Birmingham too.
I'm counting down those days with you!