Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter - Second Avenue North

I 've been a little out of pocket this past week. I'm home and will be back on the job pronto!

For my Birmingham city resident readers, tomorrow is ELECTION DAY. Please make that extra effort to get to the polls. We need a fresh face in the Mayor's office !


Tash said...

WELCOME home! Nice, cool, elegant return photo - very French ;)

Chuck Pefley said...

Welcome home. Somehow I thought you were still in Paris. Chichi dress and all -:)

Olivier said...

un arbre écorché vif dans la ville. le b&w lui donne un super effet

Thérèse said...

J'aime cette photo.
We could use the other door too: your Parisian blog!

brattcat said...

Love the slope of that sidewalk.

Daryl said...

Such a soothing monochrome .. lovely naked branches contrasting with the slope of the walk and stone on the building .,.

Eeyore said...

Welcome home. I wonder how many doors downtown have signs that say, "Use other door."

Rob said...

Welcome home, so sorry you couldn't stay longer. But that's the way it is until we relocate.

Louis la Vache said...

Your audience knows you've got mixed feelings about being back 'home,' Paris being in so many ways your home...

TheChieftess said...

fabulous photo!!! Love the black and white!!!

Welcome back...take your time...hope your election day is victorious for your candidate!!!

Bergson said...

i like this lost tree

your calendar is fantastic

Virginia said...

Merci Bergson. How nice of you!!!

I knew you'd understand

Let's get our flats close to each other and then you and I can do photo excursions together!

Thanks. I'm glad to be home and not stuck sleeping for days in some airport!

Is that your new camera?? ohhh lala

I couldn't figure out how to straighten it!

I had such a great time in Paris. Wish you could join us one day!

One day we will meet!

C'est dommage. I want to wear a chichi dress to Eric's Birthday but I can't. :(

I don't know that anyone has ever accused 2nd Ave. as looking French but I"m thrilled! :)