Saturday, February 27, 2010

O Canada!

Totem Pole
Reg Davidson - Haida people

Today a bow to our northern neighbors in spectacularly beautiful Vancouver, BC who have been wonderful hosts to the world for these Winter Olympic Games. Of course you already know how scenic Vancouver is if you follow Wayne's Meandering in Lotus Land photoblog. This red cedar totem, by Reg Davidson, is in the permanent collection here at the Birmingham Museum of Art , and a fitting tribute.

I needed to get this posted before the USA Hockey Team wins the gold tomorrow!


Thérèse said...

Beautiful! Shame on me: I haven't opened the tv set yet for the games...

Kim said...

Had to click when I saw this pop up in the thumbnails! I'm a big fan of coastal native carving traditions, and Reg's brother, Robert Davidson is one of my favorite artists. He did an album cover for my fave musician a number of years ago, and I've seen some his originals. He studied with Bill Reid, probably the best known and most widely respected of modern Haida carvers. . .the master as it were. Really nice to see this living art form so nicely represented in Alabama!
Oh, and I'm rooting for Canada! It just wouldn't be right for anyone else to win the gold in their most treasured sport :-).

Daryl said...

I love native art .. a friend who lives in BC sent me some 'Native Accents Temporary Tattoos' as a joke gift and I love them ... I wont ever use them cause they are too pretty ..

great shot and tribute, V

Anonymous said...

Wayne who?

I love totem poles, not just for their artistry, but often for their sense of humor.

TheChieftess said...

Love this shot! The warm wood, the texture...the angle and composition...awesome!!!

cieldequimper said...

It's gorgeous. I'm hoping to see a few. I'll be in the PNW in less than 2 weeks now!

brattcat said...

V, you always have something to delight us. Thank you.

steviewren said...

I don't know if I've ever seen this piece at the museum. I'll be on the lookout for it next time I visit.

Virginia said...

Steviewren, our museum is a treasure trove. I'd love to visit it with you one day!

I have you on my mind. I hope you are on the mend. we will miss your wonderful photographs while you heal. Thank you for you visits and your comments my dear friend.

How grand that you will be in the US for a holiday! I wish I could meet you!

I love it too. I always took my third graders to the Native American exhibit every year. They loved this piece.

Wayne who???

Native American tattoos ? How funny!

THank you for adding that wonderful information about our artist and his family . I love the Native American art from the Pacific NW.

Thèrése, Oh no, you haven't watched? They've been wonderful. I love the competition and the pride of country that these dedicated athletes share with the whole world.

Bob Crowe said...

Wow, I thought you had wandered off to the Anthropology Museum at the University of British Columbia in that wonderful city. One of the coolest places anywhere. There's a lot of power in this work.

Virginia said...

I know you can appreciate how many ways I shot this wonderful work of art before I got it just the way I wanted it. That's half the fun isn't it!

Chuck Pefley said...

And what a fitting tribute you've chosen for our neighbors to the north. Very nice indeed.

I'm always amazed at the wealth of knowledge Kim brings to the party!

Judy - So California said...

Oh V! I just watched the United States I bobsled take GOLD in bobsledding! Yippee!! and guess where I'll be at noon (LA time) tomorrow with my flags and pom poms waving to root for the home team! GO USA!!!

Great, beautiful totem too! You do it a wonderful justice! I was fortunate enough to see the totems in Vancouver years ago when my son played in a hockey tournament there. Magnificent city with wonderful people.

Virginia said...

Thanks! Somehow I knew you would like this post as well. I think our totem is wonderful. At times I've wished he was painted but now I love him just the way he is with that great wood grain showing. Did you notice how you can see the carvings in the wood? And yes, Kim is our fountain of knowledge. I love her visits too!

Glad you like him. He's great isn't he!

Wayne said...

Wayne who??

I met Bill Reid once. By the time I chanced to meet him he wasn't in good health but he was shopping for carving tools at one of our industrial hardware stores.

Due to an inexplicable glitch or mistake on my part I missed this post when it came out. Of all the times to goof off.

Virginia said...

How interesting that Kim and Wayne both knew of this artist. Small world!

Kim said...

Wayne who?? ;^)

Why do I feel like we're on Letterman, with the repeating phrase jokes? V's party is the best,eh?

Well, I'm no fount of knowledge, I'm just guilty of associative thinking. Tangents, my specialty:-). I follow the work of some Canadian artists and musicians, so when work like this shows up in a great photo on a friend's blog in Alabama, it gets me rattling on :-).

Virginia said...

Kim, yes you most certainly are and we love to hear your comments because they are always so full of good stuff girl!

PS Wayne WHOOOO????

Victor said...

Nice photo. And greetings from British Columbia where we're all wearing "I Survived The Olympics" T-shirts. Just kidding.