Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Pink Snowfall

What goes up must come down. My neighborhood was blessed with a blanket of pink and white blossoms. Ahhh .......spring!


Olivier said...

superbe ce tapis de fleur rose....une poesie pour les yeux

Bergson said...

une bouche à incendie jaune ; elle est repeinte pour aller avec les fleurs

Eeyore said...

I've been looking for a place to make this photo, but you got it. I love the pink snow.

MadAboutParis said...


brattcat said...

a delicate carpet of pink petals...ahhhh.

B SQUARED said...

Looks a little more like Fall in this shot.

Virginia said...

Oui, mais je n'en voulais pas sur la photo! :)

Eeyore, I was in a hurry and should have gotten out of the car and turned around, and missed the fire hydrant that Bergson spotted!

Daryl said...

Oh pretty ... we get a blanket of green from the Ginkgo trees that line our street .. if it rains it gets slippery ... this, yours, is a lot prettier

Nathalie H.D. said...

Pink snow, that's exactly it.
Does it smell of honey too?

Just the sight of it makes me faint.

Anonymous said...

Showers with flowers. Something like that. Sure would make a black car pink.

marley said...

Oh very pretty V. The blossom here has just started to open, it's very late this year due to our cold never ending winter! Glad it's starting to come to an end. Even the Daffodils are only just flowering!

Anyway! Hope you are well. Just had a look back through your recent posts. Your photography just carries on getting better and better (damn you! lol!)

I'll be back soon to check up on you and keep an eye out for slipping standards :)

Take care

steviewren said...

I went outside today to find a second day of lime green blanketing my car. SO much pollen!

Anonymous said...

Love your fabulous blog.

FireLight said...

V, The Ham is definitely in full bloom! The blossoms have become petal confetti! It was just super to see you and get the inside scoop on all of your blogativities!
Big hugs from the Lovliest Village!

Virginia said...

Merci for the wonderful lunch and great conversation. We can do this more often you know!!!!

Well thank you very much!

They say rain tonight. I HOPE SO! Wash it away.

I thought about just the other day. I hope you a re well and will join us again soon. Thank you for this nice visit.

Or a tan car yellow!

Birmingham is so beautiful in springtime. I wish I could show you. I hear you had fun over the weekend in Paris!

B2, Nope just petals!

I think my city is the most beautiful in the spring.

Mary, You must come in the spring,


A carpet indeed.

Bob Crowe said...

That is so cool. It will happen here in a couple of weeks. Almost good enough to eat. Almost.

Judy - So California said...

Virginia - this is just beautiful! Looks like soft, pink frosting.....yummy!

Unknown said...

Absolutely lovely! And I also like the yellow hydrant, we only have red here.

Maya said...

Love it! Though I can hear my allergies cringing at the sight!

Jilly said...

Oh my goodness, I missed this. Wow!

TheChieftess said...

Pink snow!!!! Love it!!!

Gerald (SK14) said...

O my I think I saw my first bit of cherry blossom this year this morning - spring is so late here.