Saturday, November 27, 2010

Put a Little South in Your Mouth!

Alabama ranks third in the nation for peanut production.  400 million pounds a year to be exact.  The Peanut Depot on Morris Avenue in downtown Birmingham still roasts them  on site in some fine old roasters.  I've eaten my fair share.


alice said...

Bonjour Virginia!
When I was a little girl, we lived in a very, very little town in the center of Brittany, where my father was a doctor. One day, he has been called for a little boy who was very sick, with a painful stomac. This boy lived in a tiny village and in the 60's, Brittany was a very rural and isolated area, you know. My father asked some questions to the boy but it has been hard to get some precise answers. A little circus had put his tent up in the village just the day before and, finally, the little boy confessed he bought a packet of peanuts to a man near the school. He only ignored peanuts must be peeled to be eaten... You imagine the result.
Have a nice week end!

Marie-Noyale said...

Hope you can enjoy a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend now that Black Friday is over!
This is a beautiful roaster!
I think I have never had fresh roasted peanuts!!!

Birdman said...

What happened to your Tide yesterday? I was watching through the afternoon, left with them up 24-0... couldn't believe final when I got home.

claudine said...

Je sais qu'aux Etats-Unis vous mangez du beurre de cacahuètes! Je n'aime pas trop ça!
Nous mangeons des cacahuètes salées avec l'apéritif!

Virginia said...

Birdman, My Auburn Tigers finally roared! I was on pins and needles!!!

Oui, je ne comprend pas! J'adore buerre de cacahuètes et avec l'apéritif!

I took my 5 year old grandson with me on this trip and bought him a bag. We got in the car and he opened it up and said, "Mumsie, what do I do with this?" I had to show him how to crack the shell! :)

Oh you must~ I'm sure there are vendors in NY!

Mister Earl said...

You can eat peanuts while trying to figure out whether your school's mascot is a Tiger or a War Eagle. I know, I know the whole story. But still... I don't know anything about these chick sports like SEC football.

brattcat said...

I have a handful of peanuts every morning with my granola and yogurt and fruit. That wonderful roasted peanut taste makes me so happy. So do your photographs. Little bright flavorful surprises each day.

TheChieftess said...

Are they salty on the outside??? I love eating peanuts at a baseball game...I pop them in shell and all until the salt's gone, then peel them and eat them!!!

Mister Earl said...

And I quote: "War Eagle, Arkansas is a community in Benton County, Arkansas. It is the location of (or is the nearest community to) War Eagle Bridge, which carries CR 98 over War Eagle Creek and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is also home to the 1832 War Eagle Mill which is still in operation as an undershot grist mill." Now there's some grist for your mill.

WV: parduss. "Parduss, we don't mean no harm."

Pat said...

My grandmother used to buy me a bag of hot, roasted Planter's peanuts. There was a big peanut man outside the shop.

Yesterday, when I celebrated Thanksgiving because we don't have the real day off, I started off with a peanut soup that was just delicious.....

Nathalie said...

Oh dear, eating peanuts with the shell! What an amazing story Alice!

I haven't had peanuts in ages but your photo certainly makes me crave for some. I've never had fresh roasted ones!