Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alabama HOT!

Last Sunday morning as I was giving my blog friend Daryl, one last shoot around town,  before she jetted off to cooler climes, we stopped first on Morris Avenue. It's one of Birmingham's most photogenic historic places... cobblestones and all.  I've been there many times with photography classes and really thought I'd seen it all. Happily I looked at it with new eyes and found some nice ones. This vintage Birmingham News/ Post Herald thermometer caught my eye, and was especially significant, since Daryl was wilting in our humid temps as I was shooting!


jb said...

34C in Mayence yesterday. Don't know how much that is in feet and inches

Olivier said...

plus de 30 sur la region parisienne, ce matin un peu de fraicheur, j'espere que cela va durer

brattcat said...

isn't it amazing how, when we travel around with someone seeing our familiar sights for the first time, we can share the newness with them and see with fresh eyes?

Daryl said...

Jealous I missed that shot ... its only 71 here today w/o any humidity .. alas it will be steamy on the Fourth!

Anonymous said...

Love this old thermometer! Boy is it hot here, too. We drove through Birmingham last week and it reminded me of Little Rock, like a sister city. Also, along the I22 corridor was so beautiful!

TheChieftess said... was supposed to snow here today...but instead it's raining quite steadily...temps probably in the low 60' thing about living in the mountains...we get "WEATHER"!!!

Montreal Photo Daily said...

That's way too hot for words! Love the caption. :)
Hello from Montreal!

Chattahoochee Valley Daily said...

I'm beginning to sweat just looking at that thermometer... : )

Virginia said...

bfarr, me too!

Daryl, Girl you don't have to rub it in.

So do you AC to help you out with your "heat wave"?

Montreal, oh that's noting for B'ham

Chieftess, snow in June 'ain't right"!

Thanks Luis!

Olivier, trop chaud à Paris! OUI!

BC, you are so right. I got a lot of shots on Sunday and I've been to all the places I took Daryl a million times.

Virginia said...

Stephanie, I have fond m emories of Little Rock. Spent every summer in North Little Rock with my grandparents!

Virginia said...

J'adore votre avatar!

Bob Crowe said...

Oh, c'mon, it gets that hot in NYC - concrete jungle, heat island and all that. It's supposed to be right about this hot when I get there Saturday.