Friday, April 20, 2012

A Fireman's Job Is Never Done!

Vestavia Hills Fire Department

If they're not putting out fires and saving lives, back at the station, when there's some downtime, there's spiffing to be done.


Daryl said...

Spiffing is essential

Unknown said...

Now, that's red! :-)

Great news about the INSIDE OUT Project! :-) I posted the action in Lisbon on January 17-22.

TheChieftess said...

TheChief would say there's remote controls to find and recliners to recline!!!

(the police dept/fire dept rivalry can get pretty vicious!!!)

Virginia said...

Kathy, that's hilarious!

JM, I'm very excited. It's not a done deal yet but we are moving forward! Your city was my inspiration.

They are champion spiffers!

brattcat said...

are those your shoes reflected in the bumper...they too look spiffed.