Friday, November 2, 2012

Concert on the Lawn

This bagpiper was giving a little noonday concert on the front lawn of Highlands United Methodist Church.  Not something you see every day!


Thérèse said...
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Thérèse said...

Really! I like the way the sun is shining in the background, and I guess this man is wearing a skirt??

William Kendall said...

Great black and white shot, Virginia.

Periodically I'll hear a piper at a distance if I'm downtown, and generally I'll be able to find where they are. Not everyone's favourite sound (for some bizarre reason), but I like the bagpipes.

Eeyore said...

Hey Virginia,
I have the same guy on my blog.
Hop over for a color shot.

I wonder if it was the same day, or if he's been there multiple times.

Pet said...

Not in Alabama :-)

FancyHorse said...

I love the sound of bagpipes!