Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Church Series - Work in Progress

Today's photo might be a puzzle or better yet a maze!  Actually it's a labyrinth being installed at my church, Independent Presbyterian Church. When completed, and it won't be long, it will serve a special place for our members and the community to have time there for reflection, prayer or meditation.


Dina said...

Your church will have its very own labyrinth, and of stone! How wonderful!
Use it well.
During my time in Arkansas (1996-2002) a pastor friend had us walk two labyrinths as a meditation tool. They were copies of the famous old one in Chartres.
It is especially nice if you think of it as the "chemin de Jerusalem."

We have only a handful of labyrinths in Israel. It just hasn't caught on in Jewish "circles." :)

Virginia said...

Dina, I have always wanted to visit the one in Chartres but so far I've not made that trip. I hope our labyrinth will be well used!

I will post a photo when the landscaping is complete!

William Kendall said...

I have heard of it in one church here in my hometown, but haven't been inside. This one has an interesting pattern.

Dina said...

Looking forward to the future photo.