Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mon Amie Phoenix

Meet Phoenix. She and I met for the first time yesterday at the Hoover Library with her mom Connie.  Connie and I taught together at Shades Cahaba and we've kept in touch.  While I was in Paris last month,  Phoenix fell in love with the book, Fancy Nancy Goes to Paris! Connie told Phoenix that her friend was in Paris right then!  What followed was just too cute. She videoed Phoenix asking me questions about Paris that she had carefully written in her spiral notebook. Not bad for a six year old!  I promised to answer her questions in person and we did just that yesterday.  I taught her how to give French bises on each cheek and brought her a pink Tour Eiffel keychain all the way from Paris.  I think we will have to meet again. She suggested I come to her house to play one day. Bien sûr!


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William Kendall said...

Phoenix has a delightful expression.