Monday, July 13, 2015

Into The Light

The bamboo forest at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens is magical. You can wander among the towering bamboo and then find this light through the tunnel.


Louisette said...

wonderfull forest bamboo,greeting from Belgium.

William Kendall said...

Very nicely framed!

Birdman said...

My bamboo gets up about 8-9 feet. We used to make forts in the bamboo forest. My they are a wonderful sound barrier for us now.

Anonymous said...


My family and I are exciting to be moving to Birmingham and my husband and I have been making a list of things to do around town with the kids (to help get them a little more excited) after we finish moving in. I have been following your blog because I love the unique photos, this one in particular. The bamboo forest at Birmingham Botanical Gardens looks so pretty. We love outdoor activities and we grow bamboo at home (but the plants are small), so I think our children will find the Gardens special.

Thanks for sharing such great posts and beautiful pictures of Birmingham.


Virginia said...

How great that you are moving here. Maybe we will meet one day!