Sunday, October 11, 2015

Tell It!

ARC Stories, true stories told live,  have been around town for about 5 years. I attended my first one last evening at the Avon Theater, but it won't be my last. For a mere $10 you can spend a great evening hearing local storytellers make you laugh, cry or as was the case last night, scare you a little.

Meet Matt Layne, a guy I've photographed at the Day of the Dead festivities more than a few times. By day, he works at the Emmett O'Neal Library. His story involved...rodents. I won't sleep a wink.


William Kendall said...

From the glint of mischief in his eyes, I can imagine how creepy a story about rodents would be!

Bob Crowe said...

Like the Moth Radio Hour on NPR. I don't think we have one of these locally.

Does that pumpkin say BOO?