Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hurry Up!

I am very grateful that all those years when I was responsible for buying, setting up and decorating our Christmas tree, that there wasn't this insane rush to get the tree up and house decorated by Thanksgiving. If I got it all done with a week or so to spare before Christmas, I patted myself on the back and had a glass of wine to celebrate. Christmas trees at Oak Street Garden Shop are standing tall and looking fresh. Better hurry!


Bob Crowe said...

Lots of potential here. I remember my mother being about to lose it when it was Christmas Eve and my father still hadn't bought a tree. He and I would drive down to see the tree sellers under the elevated portion of the West Side Highway, disreputable-looking men keeping warm around 55 gallon barrels burning scrap wood. He would always find something magnificent, tie it to the car and drive back to Queens in triumph.

William Kendall said...

We'd generally decorate around the 20th of December. Lots of places here are already selling trees.