Friday, December 4, 2015

Back In The Classroom

They grew UP and I didn't!

Yesterday I got to do what I love. 
1. Talk to students 
2. Talk about Paris
2. Talk about photography
4. Share my photos
5. Be back in Homewood classrooms

 I was invited back to Madame Michelle Myer's French classes at Homewood High School to share my photos and talk about my love of Paris. This year, after my trip during the attacks in Paris, my photos and talk took another turn. I took her classes through my last trip day by day and tried to explain what it felt like to be there and share what I saw and felt. The bonus was that I was able to reconnect with two of my former third graders in her French IV class. They were working on a project concerning the Climate Conference in Paris. Mrs. J was left in their dust, but I was thrilled and impressed to sit and listen as they conversed en français!


biebkriebels said...

How nice they learn French at school. We had to learn three different languages at school, english, french and german and my own dutch of course. I still have the profits of it and can find my way in all those countries. What you learn young you always remember.

Luis Gomez said...

How wonderful Virginia!

William Kendall said...

Time flies!