Friday, May 27, 2016

A Dream Coming True

While looking very much like the Cahaba Lily, this one photographed at Birmingham's Railroad Park several years ago, is just a relative.

I have dreamed of photographing the Cahaba Lilies in their natural habitat for years. I truly thought I'd never get the chance, but I'm thinking this Saturday morning might be the day. Dr. Larry Davenport will lead a group from Independent Presbyterian Church and others from our community to West Brockton on Saturday, for a full blown Cahaba Lily experience. I am so thrilled I've almost blocked out the "S" word from my mind.

Many thanks to IPC's Highland Avenue Forum for the wonderful series, Of Water and the Spirit, that is culminating with last nights lecture by Dr. Davenport, and the field trip on Saturday.


William Kendall said...

Delicate and lovely!

Unknown said...

Is that really NOT a Cahaba Lily ??? ( Fooled me !! ) A design only nature could conceive..... Good hunting and watch out for the snakes !

Bob Crowe said...

I don't know one lily from another (I'd have to ask Carolyn) but I love the graceful composition and color of this one