Friday, May 25, 2018

National Peace and Justice Memorial - Part II

Today we continue of the top of the grassy hill to the memorial square.  Designed to be covered, but open on both sides. The stunning memorial consists of "over 800 cortex steel monuments, one for each county in the US where a racial terror lynching took place. The names of the known victims are engraved on the columns." As one enters, the monuments are placed at eye level. As you proceed to the corner and turn, the flooring slopes downward giving the illusion that the monuments are rising. At the bottom, the monuments are directly overhead.

At the bottom, the outside wall features water pouring over with this beautiful inscription dedicated to all of the victims who remain unidentified.

" Thousands of African Americans are unknown victims of racial terror lynchings whose deaths cannot be documented. Many whose names will never be known. They are all honored here."


William Kendall said...

Very powerful. You can't come away from that unmoved.

Dina said...

It is so well done. It educates me, moves me, and also shocks -- all of those. I hope it will do its job and move the nation to acknowledge, fix, and improve on what once was.