Friday, May 28, 2010

Able to Lift Large Boulders with a Single Hand!

Sure, no problem. Where do you want me to put this thing??

Oh I found myself down at the Birmingham Museum of Art again yesterday. This time I was photographing some heavy lifting. Really heavy lifting! Thanks to CraneWorks' generosity ( they donated most of the cost of the move) , the BMA was able to dismantle a massive outdoor sculpture and transport it across town. Why you ask?? Well the museum is loaning Zachary Coffin's "Antelumpen" to the Five Points West Regional Branch Library. A wonderful effort to place more public art in our community. What better way to share the museum's extensive works of art with its citizens! This was no small undertaking mind you. The rock base weighed well over 14,000 pounds and the 3 abstract antelope heads were made of 18' street light poles! It all went across town on a flat bed trailer. I'm still a little worried about how they kept that boulder from rolling off!

Today a few shots of CraneWorks' workers performing feats of great strength!

Of course these photos are dedicated to my crane loving friend Wayne in Vancouver. He's smiling big time over these!

This guy was amazing. Lifted that boulder with one hand!!!!


Wayne said...

So you've come over to the 'dark side' V.

I knew my cunning plan would come to fruition.

More crane photos I say!!!

Olivier said...

Waouhh quelle pierre !!!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Nice reporting job you did there!

Yesterday's police motorcars shot was fantastic - great depth of field!

The stolen photo story isn't over yet. The site is still open and I can see dozens of photos of mine there.

Daryl said...

Fabulous .. I saw a similar art installation at Lincoln Center a few summers ago .. I was on the bus no chance to snap

Mister Earl said...

Where do you want me to put this thing? I wouldn't touch that question with a 20-foot pole!

B SQUARED said...

I sure hope they drove slow.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't someone tell me it was crane day? Now I'll have to wait til next year

Virginia said...

Hold you breath.

The one and only Crane Day here! :)

I know. I've lodged a complaint every day!

I should have known that was coming!

I agree!

Fortunately NYC has wonderful public art to photograph.

TheChieftess said...

V, I think you saved Wayne from painful crane withdrawal!!!

Virginia said...

Wayne has learned to deal with defeat on this blog!

Ken Mac said...

did you do this in photoshop ?!!

Virginia said...

KM, Although I"m an absolute GENIUS in Photoshop, no , these guys were amazing! :)

Dina said...

Wow, lucky you to be able to watch that in person!

Leif Hagen said...

Was his name Popeye the boulder lifter? Maybe he had spinach for breakfast, non?