Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Wish....


White Flowers in downtown Homewood is one of the most beautiful shops in Birmingham.  As the name implies, EVERYTHING in the store is in shades of white, from the floor to the ceiling and all of the merchandise.  They have a fabulous selection of candles, soaps, jewelry, keepsakes, gift items,  clothing and owner/designer Diana Holman's very special line of tee shirts and other ladies wear.  Recently I passed at night and the window was magical.  The lovely poem in the window expresses my feelings for all of you.

I wish you wondrous things
that can't be tied up 
in ribbons and bows.

I wish you thoughts that take 
you to magnificent places.

I wish you togetherness and
                                                  abundant  happiness.

                                                        And I wish you quiet times
                                                        all to yourself when the grace
                                                        of all that is good in your life
                                                        is sweetly celebrated within.
                                                                                        White Flowers

Merry Christmas to all of you my dear and faithful readers,


Oakland Daily Photo said...

Happy holidays and peaceful moments for reflection.

Unknown said...

May all your wishes come true Virginia.

claudine said...

Virginia, je vous souhaite de passer une bonne journée de Noël!

Ken Mac said...

Merry Christmas V!

Luis Gomez said...

Gorgeous image Virginia. Merry Christmas!

brattcat said...

A beautiful image, a beautiful poem, a beautiful moment spent with a beautiful blogger. Thank you, dear V., and all best wishes to you and yours.

Jilly said...

What a beautiful poem and a fabulous image. Just delightful. May all your dreams come true, dear Virginia. Have a wonderful Christmas!

LR Photography said...

Merry Christmas Virgina!

TheChieftess said...

Merry Christmas Virginia!!! It's been a kick of a year getting to know you!!! You "beautiful blogger", you!!!
(to quote Brattcat!)

Looking forward to your visit to the 'Denas and maybe a short jaunt to "The Mountain"!!!

amy collins said...

Beautiful pictures and thoughts! Merry Christmas, Virginia!

Bob Crowe said...

I wish...that a particular kind of fruit is completely out of your consciousness today. The photo has ephemeral beauty. We are flying to NY tomorrow, which does not have ephemeral beauty, unless East Coast snow gets in the way, which it might.

Judy - So California said...

V, I am a day late in saying I hope you had a lovely Christmas...I was thinking about you and Miss Meeps - her first Christmas! I had problems with my computer and couldn't get a note to you. A beautiful post from a beautiful blogger and friend!