Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last View

Last Sunday, the members of my church, Independent Presbyterian,  had this last view from our Great Hall during church services.  Today, we will gather again in our newly renovated Sanctuary.  Since January, much needed repairs and lighting issues have now completed ( ahead of schedule!!!).  We look forward to the installation of our new organ in the months to come.  While we have all enjoyed the more intimate setting of the Great Hall, I think the cushioned pews in the Sanctuary will be most welcome, not to mention the more robust AC!


Dina said...

Enjoy your new sanctuary. I'm sure it was worth the wait.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

What a beautiful symbolic shot... I look forward to seeing many shots of IP's renovated Sanctuary.

That stained glass is so vivid, standing out from the adjacent clear panes.

Bon dimanche

Luis Gomez said...

Very nice Virginia! Saw Midnight in Paris last night. Loved it!

Bob Crowe said...

AC and AL, a winning combination. Our French friends have been complaining about the heat with weather that would be normal here and pleasant down your way. Of course, most of them don't have AC, See, we are more sophisticated in some ways.

Daryl said...


Kim said...

Super shot. We at Bethany Pres in Seattle have been going through a similar process. Hey, we're twins! We've been in our fellowship hall for a few months as a major earthquake retrofit of our sanctuary and education wing/steeple takes place. Our stained glass windows are lovingly tucked away and our organ is getting pampered by a specialist while waiting for re-installation. The contractor gave us a tour inside our stripped down sanctuary (all of us wearing hard hats!) and the progress has been remarkable. . .they are ahead of schedule and under budget. It had to be done, and of course decently and in order. Ha ha ha!