Friday, January 20, 2012

All Lined Up

When Homewood did a major renovation on their main park on Central Avenue, they chose metal posts that "undulate" and have taken on a lovely patina.  I feature them HERE but liked this closeup as well, with the oakleaf hydrangeas in the background.


Cloudia said...

nice eye!

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s.c said...

It sure is a nice rhythm in the photo. Well done

Unknown said...

It is so beautiful.
Sprayed with that thin layer of snow.

brattcat said...

yes, it makes an interesting composition.

Daryl said...

Pretty shot/colors .. very autumnal!

Virginia said...

Costas, no snow, just the light on the tops. I took this in the fall and we've not had any snow this winter...yet. We usually get on quick one that doesn't last long....thankfully.