Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We're Hobos ma'am Part III - Bracelets and Rings

This is the third in my series.  If you've not followed the previous posts, click HERE and Here.

This young man was braiding bracelets and rings from balls of twine to sell on the street.


brattcat said...

i bet you bought something from him, didn't you? i know i would have. what a beautiful expression of concentration you captured.

Luis Gomez said...

Love this series Virginia.

-K- said...

Yes, I agree, very nice portrait, Virginia.

(But I couldn't get the links to take me to the other photos.)

Daryl said...

You take the best portraits

Virginia said...

K, sorry but I posted all these over a week ago and after the 6th one I wasn't at the top of my game! Hope you're feeling better my friend.

We miss you two as well.

No i didn't . Now I feel guilty!

Nadezda said...

Very nice and interesting portret.

TheChieftess said...

Ditto Daryl!!! Fabulous portrait! I admire your chutzpah in street portraits!