Saturday, March 17, 2012

Patio Surfing

Vestavia Hills has a marvelous library they've named Library in the Forest.  Nestled in the woods on Hwy. 31, it is an inviting place to come and spend time inside and out.  The patio area on the upper level proved to be an enjoyable place to do a little computer work.


Pat said... kind of place.

Unknown said...

Must be beautiful up there.
In summer of course.

SRQ said...

Great idea to have tables outside at the library! Nice shot with the computer screen lit up.

TheChieftess said...

I was thinking about going to the library to get the internet this's snowing again! And of course that sometimes means interference with the internet where we are...fortunately, I got it working this morning!!! Nice shot V!!!

FancyHorse said...

They built that after we moved away, have to visit it sometime!

Unknown said...

Great shot! Love the light, or the lack of it, I don't know... :-)