Friday, May 3, 2013

Light Dreams

Jean Jacques Gaudel
Birmingham's multi-faceted artist,  Jean Jacques Gaudel amazed the hundreds gathered outside of UAB's Aly Stephens Center for the Perfoming Arts last night with his amazing digitally projected artwork.  Randal Crowe and Joe Walker were also featured.  In addition there were other installations by local artists, as well as musical groups participating before and after this presentation.  If you are in the Birmingham area, you can catch another performance tonight at 7:00.  For more information about Light Dreams, click HERE.

I regret the quality of these photographs.  My iPhone saved the day as my camera just wasn't up to the task, or maybe it was the photographer!


FancyHorse said...

There are certainly no problems with the photographer!
I rather like the softness of the larger one, and the portrait of the artist is just right!

Thérèse said...

Imagination put to work with these kind of projected artworks. It sounds wonderful.

William Kendall said...

Both shots work nicely!