Monday, May 20, 2013

They Shot The Lyric

L-R Katy, Charlie, Stacy, Patty, Larry, Caroline, LaTrelle, Michael and Pat

Yesterday an enthusiastic group of my photography buddies gathered at the historic Lyric Theatre for a little photo shoot. Thanks to Birmingham Landmark's Glenny Brock for opening on a Sunday afternoon and giving us a little history of this 99 year treasure.  It was hot and dusty but everyone scattered to find what caught their eye.  In return, they will all share some of their photos on blogs, websites and Facebook as well as donate images to Light Up The Lyric's fundraising efforts.

If you would like to make a much needed donation or schedule a tour,
Historic Lyric Theatre
1816 3rd Avenue North


Cloudia said...

Wish I was among you! Very cool

ALOHA from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral
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William Kendall said...

Looks like quite a group!

Bob Crowe said...

But they did not shoot the deputy. Probably. Hooray for preservationists.