Friday, June 2, 2017

Magic City Woodworks - Measure Twice, Cut Once

Over the 9 years since I began my photography and blogging career, I have had more incredible encounters that I can even count. I've been blessed to meet interesting, creative, committed people all over this city who are making our community a better place. Last Tuesday was no exception.

This past week, I invited my self to Magic City Woodworks. I was intrigued with the old factory building I saw on Facebook, but I wasn't prepared for what else I discovered. MCW is a non profit organization that gives unemployed young men an opportunity to learn the craft of woodworking and go on to find employment here in Birmingham. Their website says this:

Magic City Woodworks exists to help young men bridge the intimidating gap between unemployment and meaningful employment. Following our Christian faith, we use a three-pronged approach, “Train, Equip and Invest.” to make a difference in the lives of these men. We train the apprentices of Magic City Woodworks with the skills needed to obtain a meaningful career and to teach future generations within their community. We equip each apprentice with basic knowledge of money management, resume building and job interview skills, and we invest in our apprentices to leave the program with the character to be successful not just at work, but in life.

The five men in the current program were welcoming, introducing themselves and shaking my hand.  This is yet another example of good people doing good things in Birmingham. For the next few days, I'll take you there as well!

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