Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Where Artists Create - Meet Kevin Irwin

Meet my multi talented friend Kevin Irwin. We have been neighbors and friends for about l8 years. I've photographed her in her creative space many times and will share a few older photos along with the ones I captured yesterday.

To say Kevin is multi talented is a bit of an understatement. In this one studio she creates whimsical ceramic sculptures, pottery, glass beads, tin and glass jewelry, watercolors and mixes of those mediums.  She's an entire series alone!

Come back tomorrow as we continue this creative journey!
What is the inspiration for your work?  My heart.  What hurts me and what heals me.  What inspires me and what makes me rage.  But what is most important is what makes me laugh and inspires me to appreciate the joy and humour in life.  HOPE,  always.  


William Kendall said...

A cheerful smile.

Daryl said...

oh i am coveting two of those necklaces ... where can i buy them?