Monday, July 10, 2017

Where Artists Create -Celeste Pfau

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Celeste as much as I did.  She is a multi talented , creative, gentle soul,  and I will enjoy following her artistic journey. I hope you will as well.

What place inspires you ?

"I love going into forests! especially old growth forests! I have had the good fortune to visit a few in my life...  The Red Wood Forests in the Northwest... the Forests in the southern part of South America in Chile where my mother is from!  These Forests have an energy in them that is very powerful and awe inspiring, These forests have trees in them that are much older than anyone alive. This is very special!"

If you could explore another medium, what would that be?

"Basketry. I love 3-dimensional work and I also love natural fiber! I think their is a lot of artistry in the weaving of natural materials! I would learn traditional techniques and then use those techniques to make the images I want to explore."

COMING SOON, painter and children's portrait artist Emily Morgan Brown!

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William Kendall said...

She has a whole lot of talent!