Sunday, July 9, 2017

Where Artists Create - The Process

One thing I learned hanging around with Celeste, printing is a messy endeavor but well worth it. First the paint is spread on a lucite panel, then smoothed with the brayer. The arranging of the plant material is fascinating to watch as she chose carefully but still managed to let her creativity lead the way. Then the fabric was laid over and covered with muslin. Cranking the big press took some effort. The uncovering was like opening a present on Christmas morning.

Creatively, what would you like to explore?

"I want to explore all the senses. When I make I am not just composing with my eyes, I am also composing with what the material feels like, sounds like, smells like!

So when I think about showing my work the ideal situation would be  a entire experience. Their would be certain pieces you could touch..pieces you could get inside of...pieces you could eat? 

I like creating these environments and especially like to collaborate and do it with fellow visual artists as well as musicians, dancers, writers, poets, any one really! 

The hardest part, is that it takes A LOT of time and effort, financial and emotional everything has to align for these kind of creative experiences to happen or to be sustainable."


Blogoratti said...

Very inspiring thoughts about the creative process, and lovely photos too. Great of you to share, greetings!

Bob Crowe said...

Lots of insights in this series of shots. There are many paths to creation.

William Kendall said...

That is quite a technique!