Thursday, September 14, 2017

Where Artists Create - Donna Sophronia-Sims

Meet my friend, neighbor and talented assemblage artist, Donna Sophronia-Sims. Donna creates what she calls found object robots and assemblage art dolls. Her studio is a small shed in her back yard that is chock full of found objects waiting patiently to become another whimsical creation.

VJ: How would you describe your work?

DSS: My robots, art dolls, and driftwood sculptures are assembled from old, damaged, rusty and recycled objects made of metal, wood, plastic and fabric. I may use the whole object, or modify it and use only fragments. I tinker with the found objects trying out different arrangements, until my intuition tells me it's right, into a complete work of art that reflects my humorous and whimsical goal. Some of my sculptures are attached to a base and some hang on the wall. 

It's fun and challenging to figure out the best way to join all the pieces together. Sometimes it's simple and sometimes complex. My pieces are primarily joined together using nuts, screws, rivets and adhesives. Steel objects are joined together with weld tacks. I use power tools for drilling or dismantling different parts.

Come back tomorrow and meet some of her Cast of Characters!

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William Kendall said...

It sounds like she is quite creative.