Friday, October 16, 2009

Meandering in Lotus Land

Oh I see some of you shaking your heads. OK, this isn't THE "Meandering in Lotus Land", this is the Birmingham version. We're back to the Barber Motorsports Museum where they have more Lotus competition cars than anywhere else in the United States. I loved the shiny silvery vintage ones the best, but the boys loved the awesome red one!


Wayne said...

Neat cars V.

You'll be hearing from my lawyers, Dewey, Cheetham and Howe.

Olivier said...

belle serie, j'aime bien l'installation de la derniere

Laurie said...

I was wondering if Wayne was going to get crotchety about that post title!

Cool cars. Cool shout out to our favorite Vancouver blogger.

Thérèse said...

Who would not like to drive in one of these? I would try the racer, picture No 2.

B SQUARED said...

I remember the Lotus Racing Team from years ago. Always my favorite.

Daryl said...

I kinda like the little red one myself ... do they sell those car holders? Kidding!

Jacob said...

Paradise for little boys (and some girls) of all ages!

Great shots, V!

Virginia said...

Which one is going to represent you, Click or Clack?
And don't forget I have Robert A Crowe, attorney at law on retainer!

Oh I know how to handle Mr. Crotchety! :)

Man Heaven!

you'll have to knock the boys out of the way!

Would that solve the parking prob in NYC??

You need to come up here and see this place!

Merci Olivier,
Bon weekend mon ami,

Bibi said...

I like the silver one, too. Almost think you could peel off the silver (foil) and there'd be chocolate underneath!

Char said...

beautiful shots

Paula said...

I looked at this yesterday and all I could think was how much fun you had. Someone has a real gift for curating - not to mention photographing it.

Marie-Noyale said...

I am with you I love the silver one!
Easier to match with All our outfits!!!

jb said...

This is reason enough to visit. My friend Ron Horne knew Colin Chapman well. Google "The Prisoner". You'll see why the Lotus 7 has cult status.