Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Say the word VIDALIA and southerners swoon! These are the sweetest onions you will ever put in your mouth and as with other regional favorites, we have figured out how to make everything from relish, bar-b-que sauce, and Vidalia onion tarts out of them. I found this box full of at the Oak Street Market, right next to Billy Angell's wonderful Oak Street Garden Shop. The sun coming in the window made them look like pure gold.


Wayne said...

The folks in Walla Walla might have a bone to pick with you over this V.

How's that song go? I don't like snails or toads or frogs ,,,la la la .......but I love onions?

Never mind, you can listen to it here if you're so inclined:

Char said...

walla-walla wish they had vadalias. the yummiest onion rings ever!