Monday, September 7, 2009

So Long Summer - 2009

Back in the good ole days, when the kids didn't go back to school till after Labor Day (instead of the first week in August), today marked the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It was set in stone, along with the mandate that no white shoes etc were to be worn one minute past Labor Day!!!! The new school calendar around here leaves one a bit bewildered about exactly when fall begins, but I'm going with Labor Day. Now if you live in Birmingham, you won't be packing up those summer clothes for about a month or maybe two, or even thinking about whipping a pot of chili. But we do have the start of our college football, and autumn leaves are already scattered around my yard even though the AC is still chugging. So today, I offer this farewell to summer.... a cool, delicious photo from the lemonade guy at the Pepper Place Market, and Billie Holliday is even going to croon "Summertime" just for you!!!


Olivier said...

c'est très beau et nostalgique, surtout en écoutant la grande Billie Holliday.
it is very nice and nostalgic, especially by listening to big Billie Holliday.

Pat said...

Yep, no more white shoes. It has now gotten a bit chilly here, and I'm not sorry. Keeping fingers crossed for my daughter's wedding though.

Gunn said...

A superb shot!
Fantastic items, and the light and composition are just very very good too.

Julie said...

Don't think of the passing of the seasons in a sad way, V. You are simply passing a season on to us to use for a while and then we pass it back to you. Think of it as sharing ...

For which I thank you ...

Diederick Wijmans said...

Lemonade, Billie Holliday, "Summertime"...all a perfect match for September and October. I'll sing "Autumn Leaves" a little later in the year, in French, of course!

Kate said...

Yup, I'm a creature of habit, V! Can't decide why I still follow that mandate (no white slacks, shoes, purse or summer jewelry, after Labor Day) but I do. With almost everything else, I just go with my feelings (red wine with meat, white with fish, etc, and don't bother with the "silly" rules. Ah, we humans are peculiar beings sometimes! Love your photo today.

B SQUARED said...

The leaves are starting to change here. Fall is in the air. But not back home. Then again, it is summer 8 months of the year.

Daryl said...

I refuse to out away my light weight clothes .. sigh, summer never really got started here ... that lemonade looks delish

Virginia said...

Ahhh"Les Feuilles Mortes" is a favorite of mine you know. Perhaps I'll get a copy?? :)

I think when we share our summer with you Australians it loses some os its HEAT on the way down under! :)

It's a funny "rule" but we pretty much stick to it. HA

Stay in Michigan and enjoy their lovely fall and then high tail it home before the first flake falls!!

I've got my fingers crossed for the wedding too.

Merci Olivier, I knew you love la chanson!

U "R" Us AKA Captain Crowe said...

That looks awesome! I want some. I personally do not mark summer's passing with a particular date. I hold on to every little shred I can get and call it summer. Even if it's warm into October, which it sometimes is even here in Chicago. Although I do hope it's cool at least for marathon day, 10/11.

I would like to make it your way someday! Never been to the area at all.

marley said...

I love this photo!

The purple Autumn flowering Crocus outside our front window have started to poke through. They don't normally show their faces til October! Its going to be a long Autumn!

Lowell said...

Excellent photograph! The only problem is that it reminds me I haven't had "real" lemonade in many years!

In central Florida, we've had so much rain lately, and it's still quite warm, all of which means that everything is growing like crazy! Looks like spring! Yikes!

I want some cloudy cool days and real lemonade!

Char said...

there is nothing in the world like homemade lemonade is there??? yum

and yes, I too have put away the white shoes....I just can't wear them even though it's still in the 90's. has started - yay!

Rob said...

You just can't beat Billie Holiday singing Summertime.

Tomorrow, (Tuesday after Labor Day) is my favorite day of the year. We take back our neighborhood and once again enjoy the peaceful evenings after school and homework imposed curfew!

i think simmer ends and autumn officially begins on the 22nd. But I'm going with Labor Day. (sigh) where did summer go?

Marie-Noyale said...

I gladly accept the offer of fresh lemonade while listening to Billie H.

Paulo Camacho said...

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Tussy said...

taste would be good as photo look? I think so.

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Thérèse said...

So Labor Day is Autumn start? It's ok with me but not so much with Arizona weather lol.
So I'll stick with lemonade till the end of the month.

Virginia said...

U R Us,
I hope you and your family will pay me a visit one day. You and my daughter Kathleen can run your brains out and your folks and I can have fun visiting and maybe shooting some photos here! Behave yourself while they're gone. I"m in charge you know! Well that's a hoot!

All my blog friends are welcome for lemonade or something stronger anytime!

Julie said...

No no summer does not lose heat but steaminess during the transition! That Southern steaminess that comes with red pickups and convertibles and lemonade on porches ... we be a simple folk down here ... *grin* ...