Thursday, March 31, 2011

It Rained AGAIN Today

Is that a bad thing??

For my Birmingham area readers I will be offering another series of photography classes. Designed for amateur photographers with any type digital/film camera who want to be more creative and learn to take better family and vacation photos.

Community Education South
April 25-May 23 ( Monday evenings)
6:00-8:00 PM

Contact me at :


Olivier said...

la pluie donne de la fraicheur a ta b elle fleur

Judy - So California said...

Our rain has finally stopped (I hope). Beautiful rose - beautiful photo!

Unknown said...

Rain is not a bad thing.
Its a blessing from heaven.
And it did make your rose look so pretty with the raindrops on it.
Have a great day Virginia.

cieldequimper said...

It is raining here but no roses...

jb said...

"Rained again"

Yeah right. Laundry spray. Thought you'd get away with, huh?!

Gunn said...

I can nearly smell this one.....

Birdman said...

Rain? Boo Hoo! Check out my forecast for April1... no joke!

Kitty said...

Really pretty. Great job, Virginia.
That's so cool that you teach classes. I hope you get as much out of the classes as your students.

Thérèse said...

We'll probably won't have rain for a long time now but we do have roses!
What a lovely one!

brattcat said...

Certainly not, and especially when you are behind the camera.

Kate said...

Rain is better than snow! Laundry spray indeed!! Pay no attention to the curmudgeon. The petals look perfectly formed and what beautiful hues!

Virginia said...

Kate, a day without the curmudgeon is like a day without sunshine! :)

Kitty, oh I certainly do learn right along with my students.

Bird, Let me guess...fluffy and white???

Costas, that it is and it also washed all the pollen down the drain. Yippee for all my allergic friends!

JB you got roses yet???

Rob said...

What's the saying April showers bring May flowers. But it's still only March. Close enough to enjoy this gorgeous bloom!

TheChieftess said...

'Tis a good thing when you can capture fabulous photos like this one!!!!

(Though I have to disagree with Kate...snow is much better than rain!!!)

Daryl said...

well when it lends itself to photos like this I say 'let it rain'

Ken Mac said...

rain bad cold good

Bill Dixon said...

Whispers of the Pink Rose

Standing in my enchanted garden upon tip-toes

I tried to reach the upper-most pink rose

My daughter came running, her face aglow

Dear mom, why do you love the pink rose so

And my thoughts spun back in time

To my favourite pastime

I remembered that day clearly, I was so sad

And feeling a bit left out too, I must add

I know now that the pink rose will always prevail

As the memory lane to my very first fairy tale

It was the day I was bewitched like no other

And the pink rose became the symbol for my mother

On that warm, golden and crisp spring day

A day when my Daddy seemed so far away

My favourite playmate, my big sister

Her first day of school had concurred

The baby was crying and chaos rained

I started crying too, everything was insane

Then as if by magic, Chaos merged into Peace

My baby-sister was soon fast asleep

The house was refreshingly spick and span

And mystical awakenings had began

Eyes sparkling, I floated dreamily on soft lap

As Mom opened a book nicely wrapped

Mesmerizing, she slowly turned the pages

I saw dragons and princesses from all ages

But what enraptured me most of all

Were pink roses forming a castle wall

And as the story of Sleeping Beauty unfurled

I was transported to a magical world

Dear daughter, seemingly in a wink

My mother had transformed Sorrow into Roses of Pink

A fragrant memory of that day still flows

I still hear the alluring whispers of the pink rose

Sweet Pink Roses to remind me of a mother so clever

May pink roses bloom in your life too...forever

by Amy I Ramdass

Jack said...

Very delicate, Virginia. Nice image.

Petrea Burchard said...

Rain can't be a bad thing if it brings out a photo like this.