Saturday, July 21, 2012

These Gates Have a Story

I have been fascinated with these big rusted doors at Fritz Woehle's Garages for many years.  I was lucky enough to find him there once when taking some students for  a shoot., and he told me that the white metal design came from windows in the old Birmingham Terminal Station, which was demolished in 1969 (1909-1969), another regretful note in B'ham's history.  He had them placed on these old rusted garage doors and I LOVE THEM!  The sticker/sign just added more interest for me.


roentare said...

The rusty window does get that nostalgic feel.

Bergson said...

du vécu

l'eau a fait son oeuvre

Bob Crowe said...

It could have a religious significance. It could represent the radials of the Union Jack. It might have once covered a nautical map. I think my associations are getting too loose.