Monday, August 26, 2013

Foot Loose!

Today we venture across the street from The Garage to a fenced area where Fritz Woehle stashes some interesting finds.  It's grown up with wisteria etc. ( hopefully no poison ivy) since my last visit so walking around was challenging.  Under the big shed were fabulous old doors and mantels and everywhere you looked, bits and pieces of statuary and ornamental iron, rusted of course.  The stuff that sends photographers over the moon.

I will be teaching my photography class, From Snapshots to Creative Photographs at Samford After Sundown again this fall. Please share this link with anyone who might be interested in the Birmingham area.

Also, for those of you planning a trip to Paris, or just dreaming of one, I"ll be teaching a one day workshop, Weekend In Paris at Samford on Sept. 28 from 9-3.  I will share travel tips, a bit of French culture and language as well my favorites things to see and do in Paris. In the afternoon we will talk photography and how to bring home fabulous photographs from your travels.  


William Kendall said...

I do like that one!

Jack said...

This makes it tough playing footsie.

Stuart said...

Nice shot... and the title is perfect!

Daryl said...

or lost feet ... ha ha

Unknown said...

Clever title!
This is my favorite place in Birmingham. such a magical little hideaway back there!