Sunday, August 18, 2013

We All Have Our Favorites

Some of you will wonder about this menu. Many, many Birmingham readers will be chirping in as to their favorites entrée at Cobb Lane Restaurant.  Mine you ask?  Chicken Supreme and Chocolate Roulage for dessert.  Every. Single. Time.  Some things you just don't mess with.


Cloudia said...

Homemade rolls?

I want to book a flight!


cath carbone said...

Chère Virginia, je suis ton actualité sur FC et tes blogs ! je vois toujours de superbes clichés!
A bientôt.
ou FC: Cath Sacha Hyzak

Anonymous said...

reading the link i see that it is closed now, sad, the old restaurants were great right, with a menu that everyone had memorized, not too many of them left though, thanks for sharing!

Birdman said...

Make mine tuna... I have a wicked addiction!

William Kendall said...

Hmmm, can I skip dinner and go straight to dessert?

Daryl said...

chef salad, dressing on the side please

Bob Crowe said...

No beef. That's refreshing. I might try chicken divan if I knew what it was.

There's a chili parlor in downtown St. Louis where I order the same thing. Every. Single. Time. Although I don't go often the waitress remembers me and just brings it up. That's tradition.

TheChieftess said...

She-crab soup???