Saturday, October 18, 2014

Popular Pops!

Steel City Pops has taken Birmingham by storm.  Fans line up at events to buy these tasty "gourmet" popsicles. These aren't your ice cream wagon pops. They have taken this creamy treat to a whole new level. Flavors like Maple Bacon and Bourbon, Buttermilk, Poached Pear and so many more that change with the seasons make this one fast growing business.  For you folks in Dallas, there's a Steel City Pops in your town now as well!


Dina said...

And the kid is pretty sweet as well.

Susan said...

That's my sweet kid! Cute pic!

Virginia said...

Susan, he's adorable. I am glad you like it. BTW, I found your blog as a result. I'm still laughing.