Friday, March 27, 2009

Sole Man II

Some of you might remember my trip to the Goodyear Shoe Hospital last summer. You met Andrew then. I was prowling around in the archives and found this photograph that I'd forgotten about. I love the way his hands are illuminated by the small light on his machinery. That reminds me that maybe I need to pay Andrew another visit!

Our friend Kim (Seattle DP) suggested I might have started a Table and Chairs series this week. Well you know, she might be onto something!  I have a few more that I'll post in the next week.  Thanks Kim.  I'm always game for something new around here!


Pat said...

Hi, Virginia. I too like this photo of your 'sole man'. And I'm ready for tables and chairs! I've got lots from Paris, but also a few from here. Now I know where to focus...

Olivier said...

toute la précision du geste, une belle photo avec une superbe lumiere (flash ou pas flash ?)
all precision of gesture, a nice photograph with a superb light (flash or not flash?)

Tom said...

Those hands were ertainly a great capture...
I was reminded of my sister as a child by this picture.. she would sing this while skipping

Cobbler Cobbler

Cobbler, cobbler, Mend my shoe,
Get it done by half past two;

Stitch it up, And stitch it down,
Then I'll give you Half a crown.

It's is strange how an image can trigger memories long gone...


Juergen Kuehn said...
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Juergen Kuehn said...

I am happy to learn that you force up the long-lost craftsmen-ship, too.
Thank you!

Profile Not Available said...

I am always fascinated by hands, and I too love the lighting in this photo! Really well done!

Unknown said...

Yes, Virginia, you are right! The light on his hands is awesome!

Kim said...

Can't wait, V! I'll look forward to it. Perhaps your Paris archives have an offering or two as well? :-)

I love seeing his hands at work, especially spotlighted like this.

alice said...

You know I do like your hands'shots...It was a pleasure to meet Andrew again.
Can't wait for your cheese recipe (!) and your e-mail about Paris.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is details like the light on his hands that can define a great photo from a good photo! Great shot!

Janet Kincaid said...

Wow! What a great photo. I love the lighting on his hands.

Isn't it funny how some of our photos don't strike immediately? It's only after going back to them some months later that we see the artistry in our work. This is a beautiful photo, VJ!

Let's go stranger shooting when I'm down in Birmingham, shall we?

Virginia said...

You're on! I know some strange strangers you'll want to meet! We might have the pleasure of another CDP blogger's company while you're here!

I'm glad this reminded you of your childhood and your sister.

The boursin recipe is coming your way, maybe tonight, along with trip plans. Yippee! We have our tickets now so we're almost there.

I'm fairly certain no flash. My popup flash would have ruined the nice light, like it ruins everything else! And I have friends that will visit Evry next week. I told them to look for you! HA

PJ said...

Hey Virginia, it was great talking to you this morning. I'll call again when the weather is better, don't like that thunder and lightning.
Your photographs for the Japanese-American festival are just fabulous. I think every single photo you've put up this week, each one is just lovely. Wonderfuf work.

PeterParis said...

You take on more and more tasks... and when you come to Paris, your list of "to do things" is getting terribly long! What an energy! :-)
Not neglecting the French lessons?

Yes, I agree, the photo is nice!

Ken Mac said...

where's his head?

Lowell said...

It looks like everything that needs to be said has been said. I would only add that I find this a most attractive photo, like you said, much of it due to the light on the hands!

Unique, too, in that not too many people actually create anything with their hands anymore. Well, except for us photographers!

Karen said...

Wonderful photo, Virginia. Okay I'll join in the table & chairs challenge. I will check the archives and also go back downtown and see how many I can find.
Lucky you heading back to Paris so soon. I want to go back but can't plan just yet. Let me know if you find any nice apts... I'm thinking maybe in the fall..

Virginia said...

I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

Well rest up my friend, cause I'm dragging you right along with me!!! I'm counting on you to have my "program" full as can be!!

PJ, we'll catch up again soon and finish our conversation. I can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

I'll fed-ex my one pair of extremely expensive shoes. Which also happens to be my only pair of shoes. (Aside from the tennies, etc.) See if he can do a heel transplant.

Virginia said...
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Chris said...

Hi, Virginia!
Thanks for your note. . .. I am so overwhelmed with schoolwork. . . . I have one more packet this semester, a lit class in May and I start thesis semester in July. On top of that, we're trying to sell the house. . .it's just crazy.

Hope you are well!

Virginia said...

Do those Pradas need Andrew's expert help? Pray tell how you get along with only two pairs of shoes. Lord!
Moi? I have a zillion and they all hurt. I must get my shoe situation straightened out before the Paris marathon!

Oh my. I salute you for what you are tackling school wise. Bless your heart and hang in there.

Bob Crowe said...

A late comment. See my post tomorrow for the reason.

Boy, did you nail the light on this. The hands are what the man's craft is all about.

Diederick Wijmans said...

A wonderful and essential catch of these working hands, V!!