Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Place to Hang Your Hat

Yesterday I was downtown to photograph Café Dupont on 20th Street. A lovely place to dine, and it has a reputation as one of Birmingham's best restaurants. It is also very photogenic... right down to the hatrack by the door!


Oakland Daily Photo said...

Looks like Thomas Wolfe has come to town.

Dina said...

A hat rack with real hats, cool!

Reminds me, when I was on the road as a volunteer for 11 years, dependent on email, a favorite saying was "Home is where you hang your @ ."

B SQUARED said...

My gosh, you were dining with the last person in America who wears a hat.

brattcat said...

Beautifully composed and lit.

Virginia said...

That's great!

B2, Oh I hope not. I love men in hats!

Well the place was dark and the light from the windows and door were about it! I was glad to have it.


Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful shot!

Anonymous said...

Very. (That's one tres chic profile pichur, missy.)

Janet said...

I wonder who was wearing the hat!

Chattahoochee Valley Daily said...

Nice light.

You are looking very cosmopolitan in your profile photo. All these trips to Paris, maybe?

Wayne said...

Excellent composition V.

Virginia said...

Thank you. Just TJ Maxx goes to Paris... with the help of a great parisian scarf! :)


I don't know but I'll bet he's pretty dapper!

You are a dear.

Thank you my friend.

Bob Crowe said...

Love the light. It gives the picture shape and depth, and makes the colors pop.