Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vintage Settee

Old painted wrought iron pieces are very common in southern yards. Granted they are not the most comfortable, but they are long on charm! I found this vintage piece at the Children's Fresh Air Farm recently. It was in a cool shady spot by a pretty little fountain near the children's garden plots.


Fotofule said...

I love this! My grandmother had one in her garden. Thanks for the reminder!

Olivier said...

superbe ce detail et cette lumiere qui tombe dessus

Thérèse said...

Even more striking with this light!

Unknown said...

Old painted iron benches are pretty common here too, but this is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen!

Daryl said...

I love benches, the older the better.. more character with age

Anonymous said...

And they're darned heavy. This bespeaks Southern to me.

claudine said...

Je veux bien de ce banc pour mettre sur mon balcon car je n'ai pas de jardin!

Virginia said...

Oui, qui sera belle!

Yep, you don't move them far!

Well thank you. I'm sure you have gorgeous ones in Oerias!!

Knew you'd love this.

you guessed how I chose it!


Yes, many of our grandparents had these.

Ken Mac said...


Judy - So California said...

Do you suppose they'd notice if I traded for mine? It's the most beautiful I've seen.

Virginia said...

You are hilarious!

I'll haul it out to SoCal on the plane! HARRRRR

Janet said...

Ahh, lots of these around Selma!

PJ said...

I'm very fond of iron benches and this is no exception.

Bob Crowe said...

OW! It looks like it would hurt. Give me my chaise lounge, please.