Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bienville Square - Mobile, Alabama

Today we venture down to Alabama's coast to the port city of Mobile.  My dear friend and fellow Paris blogger, Genie ( Paris and Beyond), share this great shot of Bienville Square in the heart of Mobile.

While I'm away, I have some great friends that are sharing their work with you. Please leave them comments as you always do for me. 


FancyHorse said...

Down in my neck of the woods! A wee bit less cold than B'ham!

(PS Did you hear about the fire at Powell School?)

Judy - So California said...

Genie, Love this picture. Enjoy your Paris blog as well. Thanks for sharing......and covering for her so Virginia can enjoy Paris!

Harriet said...

Great photo. And given the name of the square, somehow I'm not surprised that you found it! Très bien!