Tuesday, January 18, 2011

True Grits

McEwen and Sons organic corn meal, polenta and stone ground grits are becoming a household word around here.  This family owned business in Wilsonville, Alabama started out selling to Birmingham area stores and restaurants and now has customers from coast to coast. I hear folks bragging about their cornbread now that they've switched to their corn meal and I've got to try their grits. To be honest, the "Organic Blue" grits make me wonder, but I"m game!   I can see some of you turning up your nose.....you know where this is going....... well Honey, you can KISS MY GRITS!  Don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em!


jb said...

Are they really blue? Would that stain your teeth?

Pat said...

The yellow and the white appear to be the same color in the bags...is that so? Here they have SUPER-GOOD polenta and I use it to make my 'American' cornbread.

Luis Gomez said...

My brother loves it!

Thérèse said...

I would have to give it a try. I never used "grits" before but I tasted "piki bread" (indian bread made with corn.)

Rachel said...

The blue grits are yummy! They cook up to look a little more magenta than blue. I like to cook mine in chicken stock, put a can of chopped tomatoes, a can of green chilies, a cup of grated cheddar, and crumble bacon on top. Talk about tasty!

Virginia said...

OMG I'm trying that one very soon. Thanks for sharing. I'm also pleased the grits don't look BLUE! HA

Oh you will love grits. I put a ton of cheese and other things and make cheese grits at Christmas.

I hope not.

I don't make good cornbread but I might try it with their cornmeal and see.

And you don't?? HA

Kim said...

When I get hungry for grits, my thoughts turn to Lois the Pie Queen in Oakland (just over the Berkeley border and a short walk from my former home). Somehow, I'm sure this will not be in supply there :-). Be fun to try at home, though.

Cloudia said...

Happy New Year you lovely woman :)

Aloha from Waikiki

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