Friday, March 25, 2011

Birmingham Rouge - Gardening Fever ?

I think everyone in Birmingham has it. Our weather has been just marvelous and people are out cleaning up their yards and planting up a storm.  I think this nice vignette from Charlie Thigpen's great  Garden Gallery at the Pepper Place was a good place to start.

For my Birmingham area readers I will be offering another series of photography classes. Designed for amateur photographers with any type digital/film camera who want to be more creative and learn to take better family and vacation photos.

Community Education South
April 18-May 16
6:00-8:00 PM

For more information:
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Judy - So California said...

V, About the best we could do here in L.A. is use the red buckets to catch the rain. We're soaked out here - no sign of spring in the weather BUT the buds are starting to bloom and leaves are appearing on trees that have been bare all winter so maybe it'll get here one day soon. I hope! Glad you are enjoying.

Unknown said...

This is the time for gardening Virginia.
Have a great weekend.

Jilly said...

How wonderful! Bright red buckets and a stunning old watering can. Well you'd not loose a red bucket like this, would you?

brattcat said...

such great contrast between metal pail/weathered wood and dazzling red plastic.

brattcat said...

Or are those buckets actually metal?

Daryl said...

The old and the new .. pretty

Halcyon said...

Love the splash of color!

-K- said...

Excellent still life!

Bob Crowe said...

Wow, what a contrast in color in color and high/low tech. We don't do garden. I grew up in a two bedroom apartment in Queens with three siblings and two parents. Carolyn grew up on a general farm in Kansas where she had to do hard ag chores day after day. Neither of us want dirt under our fingernails. We've become sort of a St. Louis version of Za Za on Green Acres.

Virginia said...

I'm at that point in my life as well. Soon to be moving and having to make some real changes in my lifestyle. Stay tuned.