Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Look Familiar?

The first time I walked in El Barrio, B'ham's hottest new Mexican restaurant ( pun intended), I took one look at the light fixtures and said, "I've seen those thingys somewhere before!"  Turns out that they are
"gravity exhaust vents", according to my "experts".  If not for their expertise,  I'd still be calling them "one of those things that spin around on roofs".  I like them even better as cool light fixtures!   Regardless, this is one very busy spot downtown and you might want to have lunch or dinner there soon. I plan too!

El Barrio
2211 2nd Avenue North


Oakland Daily Photo said...

So much easier to say "those vent thingies that spin on the roof." From this angle it looks like a high tech cactus.

brattcat said...

you can turn anything into art.

Daryl said...


Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful picture Virginia.

Bob Crowe said...

Bring us along. Ain't that much longer.

It's still a bit murky to me how these ventilators radiate light.