Monday, July 7, 2008

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, a Cool Place on a Hot Day

Every time I visit the Birmingham Botanical Gardens I marvel at how fortunate we are to have these lovely gardens to stroll and enjoy.  I also ask myself why I don't come more often.  From time to time I will treat you to photos of this quiet oasis right here in Birmingham. Located in the Mountain Brook suburb south of Birmingham, it's a popular attraction for residents, visitors, and most of all photographers.  It offers a wonderful education department, tours,  gift shop, library, restaurant, and of course it's the perfect place for a wedding or reception.  On a steamy summer day, it's the coolest place around. 


Janet Kincaid said...

That looks like a lovely oasis. I'd like something like that in my backyard. My only requirement: it also has to repel mosquitoes!

SandyCarlson said...

This is Southern beauty is I imagine it. You have captured a dream!

Clueless in Boston said...

It sounds like a wonderful place to visit and enjoy.

Janet said...

I have got to visit these gardens eventually!

Tash said...

Looks like a lovely place indeed. We have a botanical garden & I keep meaning to go there more often than I do. I've really enjoyed a tour through your photos and will be back often. Thanks for leaving me a note. (Chocolate & Dr. Zhivago are among my favorites too.)

Nathalie H.D. said...

What a lovely place!
I've really enjoyed catching up with your previous posts too. I'll remember God bless a miracle, it's a delightful one!

I wonder why Vulcan's torch was replaced by a spear ?

And I LOVED yesterday's recycled art, I hope to see more.

Re my photo in Avignon today, you are right, I was really annoyed with this yellow bottle and that's exactly why I cropped the second one tighter.

Oui je serai très contente si vous voulez écrire en français !

Tom said...

Beautiful place to sit a while..
I've enjoyed catching up today... been mad busy and very tired this week.. mentally tired at that.. it's been great though having the time today to visit and read through your posts as well as look at the pictures.
Don't forget... SW tonight ;o)