Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Fresh Face in the Mayor's Office?

Birmingham City Hall

Today is a very important day for the city of Birmingham. Today the voters will have their say in the runoff election for a new mayor. Our previous mayor made many, many poor........ummm personal financial choices and will be unable to finish his term. A federal judge will decide where he will call home and for how long. We have two candidates. Patrick Cooper, a bright, energetic Birmingham attorney, new to the Birmingham political arena yet successfully made it to the previous runoff election and William Bell, a seasoned politician and councilman. I do look forward to seeing a fresh face in the mayor's office and have hope for some positive changes in the way my city is run. Heaven knows we need it!


Chuck Pefley said...

We have a fresh face here in Seattle, too. Hope springs eternal!

Bibi said...

I always wonder how politicians think they can really get away with what some of them do. Good luck to Birmingham.

Bergson said...

U.S. voters seem to want new faces since Obahma

Olivier said...

le vote d'un maire est vraiment important, c'est l'avenir de toute une ville qui est en jeux, j'espere qu'il y aura du monde pour aller voter. Belle photo, avec reflet du drapeau

brattcat said...

Here's to new beginnings.

Thérèse said...

Let's cross our fingers for you and hope the weather won't prevent people to go out and vote.

Rob said...

Hope it turns out and meets the city's expectations. But once a politician, always a politician.

Laurie Allee said...

Here's to a fresh face. You know how much a lot of us would love to see fresh faces in our city council...

Virginia said...

Good grief, that Pasadena City Council is stinking up the place I hear. By the time you, Petrea and Mister Earl get done with them, maybe they'll tuck their tails and slink off!!!

I've got my fingers crossed. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Gorgeous weather here for a good turnout I hope.

Amen. I 'm sick to death of career politicians!

I didn't notice the reflection till you pointed it out!

We want them but rarely get them.

We LET them do it! Amazing.

Here's hoping!

Daryl said...

I love flags .. any flag .. I am thinking its the movement.

Good luck today to both your town and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» is in favor of term limits for ALL of them:
One in office.
One in Federal prison.

Lowell said...

What your city needs is probably what most cities need. The problem, though, is which fresh face is superimposed on a head with a brain? Hard to figure, sometimes.

Good luck!

Virginia said...

This one's a no brainer. The fresh face is what we need, trust me.

Lowell said...

Now don't get fresh with me, V! Hee, hee!

marley said...

Hi V,

Hope you are well and enjoyed Paris. I know its been 3 weeks sivce i stopped but still checking in here almost daily! Its hard to give up a good thing! Great photos recently and excellent Best Of photo, i loved that one.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know i'm still lurking.

Marley :)

Virginia said...

Marley! Oh I've missed you my friend. I'm so glad you're lurking. Stop by and say hello again soon.

Bob Crowe said...

Well, we're both home again, although your adventure was better. I hope the best candidate wins, although, speaking of elections, I am deeply disturbed by today's election results in Massachusetts. I don't like the Republic party and much of what it stands for. So there it is, spelled out.

Cloudia said...

Best Wishes!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral