Friday, June 5, 2009

Highland Avenue Homes

* My guest photographer/blogger this week is my very special friend Jean Reed. Jean has been a wonderful photographer as long as I've known her. I hope you'll leave comments for her as I'm sure she'll appreciate them.

Highland Avenue is Old Birmingham. These homes were built in the early 1900’s. The brick house was for many years the home of Birmingham Civic Ballet. I took ballet lessons there. My teacher, beautiful Gloria Gustavson, would leave each day from teaching ballet and walk to the white house next door, which was a boarding home at the time. Today the brick house has been fully restored and is known as The Donnelly House named for the original inhabitants. It is the site of many weddings, receptions, teas, and luncheons. Thank goodness these homes are restored and well cared-for so many of us can enjoy their Southern splendor!


Nancy said...

Hey, Jean!
I taught at SC with Virginia and know you, but I wasn't aware of your photography talent. Your photos this week have been great. V. chose a good sub.
I also took ballet lessons for several years in what is now called The Donnelly House and am so glad that those homes along Highland Avenue have been preserved. Keep shooting those excellent photos!

Virginia said...

Bravo Nancy for joining in the comments. Hello to all my SCE teacher friends and Jean's Edgewood amies as well.

homes in philippines said...

Very nice pictures. Looks so clean. I love fountains.

Deirdre Gonzales