Saturday, June 27, 2009

Working Up a Sweat

By now, everyone in Birmingham has worked up a sweat, even Rodin's Jean d'Aire at the Birmingham Museum of Art!   I photographed this piece in the Sculpture Garden after a rain. I felt like my original image was rather straightforward and not all that interesting, thus a little post processing work.

When we visited the Musée Rodin in Paris a few weeks ago, I met Jean d'Aire again in the gardens.  It was shady and cool and he seemed a little more comfortable.  I thought I'd include it as well.


Char said...

beautiful shots of the master's work.

Janet said...

Looks like he's been working out!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous shot of Rodin's Jean d'Aire!
This is the weirdest summer I can remember here! Ups and downs all the time! Last week temperatures have also reached 40ºC/105ºF (Oeiras 38º), but they suddenly drop 10º... At this very moment it's cloudy and it seems about to rain! Crazy!

Julie said...

great captures of Rodin's work. We have heat too but it is a dry heat. I have enjoyed your comment on my website about the Chihuly red reeds, saguaro cactus and bird. Sorry for the delay in responding as I went to a photography workshop the past week and I went to a cultural workshop about the fruit of the saguaro cactus and the Tohono Oodham Indians who harvest it each year, and I actually harvested some of the fruit from the very tall saguaros. We will see if I have learned some new skills to improve my photos and I will share some of the experiences with you on my website.

Anonymous said...

These are superb. (Sit ups and running will do that to you.)

Bob Crowe said...

Did you swipe my shot from the Musée Rodin? Actually, the rain effect is very good, illustrating the suffering of the Burghers of Calais.

Lowell said...

I love it. Working up a sweat, indeed! Fantastic in every way, V!

Louis la Vache said...

Uh huh. Huny, ah knows it's hot down there, but doggone ah ain't NEVER knowed it to be sooo hot even the statues sweat! Now THAT'S HOT, Huny!

Stop by an' tell 'ol «Louis» 'bout Paree...

Virginia said...

I'm coming by tomorrow to tell you all about Paree!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Well he won't need a funeral home fan with that rain water. Just lurrrrvvve that shot. As for your header could be one from my own bag of water tricks. Reminds me so much the Cote d'Azur and walking along the beach. Big Sigh!

Virginia said...

Stay tuned tomorrow for the source of that water!

Would I DARE to swipe one of you photos? Lawsuit heaven! HA

There aren't enough sit up opportunities to help my situation!

I always did a huge thematic unit on the SW desert and the saguaro. I'm trying to think of the book we always read about those very Indians and the harvesting of the saguaro fruit. I'm so envious. Could you send me some photos ? I'd love to see them!!!

Keep me in the loop of our friend. Bless you for being our source of information.

Thérèse said...

While living in California I discovered that "the thinker" was part of San Francisco decor! But I can see here that there are a lot of Rodin's works all over the States.
The sweat could have been part of the sculpture too.